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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

On New Brighton Pier

The Bush Telly crew tested out the new Cineslider at New Brighton Pier last night in strong winds.

The seascape was magnificent.

Sasha made some engineering modifications to the camera rig which have made it more rigid.

I'm going to make up an aluminium base plate to mount the Cineslider to the tripod.

Sasha is designing some outrigger feet to make the slider more stable on uneven ground.

Crew member Andy is coming around later today so I'll get a chance to see the base plate he made up for his tripod.

Other ideas we had was to find some way to mount the SmallHD monitor on the end of the cineslider for the operator, and a way to tilt the cineslider.

I'm researching the use of HDR techniques for filming these magnificent landscapes in their full glory.

As I'm writing this, Dr Simon Pollard,  one of the Bush Telly Trustees, is doing his regular Science Commentator slot on National Radio - Nine till Noon. He is on every second Wednesday at 11.45am.

Today it is
"Why males are bizarre and why they evolved.".

The next shoot is this coming Sunday.

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