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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Props needed

The workshop and nursery sets need to look real and full of stuff as if used by rural weed - pest control - nursery bods. Everything needs to look well used tidy, no PC nonsense, heaps of rural character. Can you help?

We have got

  • Spades

  • Grubber

  • Brooms

  • Hand tools, nails etc

  • Empty gardoprim herbicide containers

  • Old wheelbarrow

  • Grow pots

  • Biscuit tins (full !!!!)

  • Used paint tins

  • Work bench

  • Compressor

  • Galv watering can

  • Farm letter box

We need to borrow

  • Well used traps to hang on the workshop walls

  • Some possum and rabbit skins to hang on a fence

  • Empty containers of baits and commercial 20L weed control chemicals

  • Weed wacker

  • Back pac sprayer to be used by Rob

  • Seedling grow frame (small)

  • Oldish park bench for green room (not warehouse type) needs to be meaty

  • A very small stuffed fridge that we can cut the back off for fx shots for seed storage

  • Potting shed stuff

  • Mudfish trapsmall pile of potting mix against fence

  • Sun faded 2008 wall calendar

  • Anything else you can think of

Also for your convenience Ryan is loaning a small fridge for milk, 2 stools and a foldout picnic table for lunches, everyone gets their own clean cup.

We need to borrow 6 very simple folding picnic stools. Once we get in, and start rehearsing, people will no doubt think of other stuff. I'll be asking for people to rummage around and drop off at the gate.

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