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Monday, 27 February 2012

Stolen Bush Telly gear

$10K of Bush Telly gear has been stolen by a former member of the crew.

Bush Telly gear is often loaned to members of the crew who return it and they have often loaned their own gear to Bush Telly so it has been of mutual benefit.

Alexander "Sasha" Shamilov was loaned this gear by me late last year.  I only found out a few weeks ago that he is now living in Clitheroe, Lancashire, UK and the gear has disappeared. He may be working as a welder in Burnley Lancashire.

Alexander "Sasha" Shamilov


He had borrowed:
He had tried to borrow the Bush Telly Cineslider just before Christmas when he already knew his travel arrangements - luckily it was not loaned. There may be others in Christchurch who have also lost stuff.

He has made no effort to contact me about the gear and when I finally tracked him down and phoned him a few weeks ago in UK, he finally admitted after I asked him about the tripod, that he had left it at the Christchurch shipping depot for me to pick up. Of course it wasn't there.

The NZ and UK police have been notified.

Contact Constable Grant Cowan at Sydenham Police in Christchurch NZ. Phone (03) 363-2500 if you have any information.

The shipping company sending his stuff over to the UK by container has being notified.

Vinten has been notified.

Notices about the stolen gear are being placed on film crew websites in many countries asking for help with the return of this stolen film gear.

It may be heading to the UK or he may have sold it in NZ.

His former residential address was
99 Woodbury St,
New Zealand

Thanks in advance for any assistance
Mike Peters
Bush Telly

How to contact Bush Telly

PO Box 9000,
Tower Junction,
Christchurch 8149
New Zealand

Ph 64+ 3-9800902
Fx 64+ 3 9800903
Mobile 027-210-5042
Skype bushtelly


Good news

The Clitheroe Police have confirmed that Mr Shamilov has admitted that all the missing gear is in the shipping container that is on its way to the UK.

Making progress.


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Bush Telly restarting


Bush Telly is to resume programme production after a difficult year of earthquakes in Christchurch.

Bush Telly took a break so that members of the crew could sort their lives out and be part of the community efforts to recover.

The restart process is now underway, with all borrowed gear being recalled, crew members being contacted, and a meeting of Trustees to be arranged soon.

Some specialised equipment is currently being built for filming in the bush.

The first NZ natural history film projects will be quite modest but over time a full recovery is expected. Filming will begin in March next month in the lower South Island.

Best wishes

Mike Peters
Bush Telly

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Christchurch Feb 22 Earthquake

Bush Telly field gear was used by Addington Action to assist residents of Addington in the the first 18 days after the earthquake.

The Bush Telly office got trashed in the quake. The bulk storage area for equipment is all OK.

Bush Telly sends best wishes to the families of those whose lives were lost.

Bush Telly will resume its filming in April 2011.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Olearia Hectorii

The Olearia hectorii or native tree daisy, is under threat. This is because there are no young trees growing up to replace these striking old timers. Watch this video to find out more. Meet the Locals is a partnership between DOC and TVNZ 6 and is distributed by Bush Telly with permission.

Otago Rail Trail

When the railway lines were pulled up from Central Otago the tiny local towns had a tough time. This is a video about how the Otago Central Rail Trail attracts thousands of visitors a year. Meet the Locals is a partnership between DOC and TVNZ 6 and is distributed by Bush Telly with permission.